19 Disember 2010


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Spent an hour at the nearest book store yesterday. Yes, I did found many interesting books and as usual, don't buy anything.

I already have too many books, from textbooks to novels, paperbacks and hardcovers, japanese and english. But I don't finish reading any of them. Not yet and I don't feel I will.

I already run out of space. The numbers are increasing. Currently, I have more than 20 books and maybe more than 50 magazines. By March next year, the number will increase to 30 for books and 60 for magazines.

My latest books

Manga: AKB49 with special cover

A novel can be finished in about 6 hours (calculation is based on an audio book version). But me? 6 chapters in a week (out from 60 chapters).

War of Eagles with self-made book cover and self made bookmark

How much I spend a month?

In Yen, about 10000 yen per month average.

I wonder if I can keep this pace after finishing my studies here...

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