05 Ogos 2009

Maximum power reached? (and MieA story)

In my 4-year plan (this is the final year), I supposed to buy another PC or Server to complete my MieA system (Phase 1, 1.5 and 2). When I received my new MieA device - MieDa (my laptop, purchased under phase 2) and wanted to charge the battery, I realised that I am out of sockets.

There are about 6 sets of sockets (2 for each set) in my house.

-Rice cooker, electric pot, microwave, toaster, blender.
-TV, PS3, Cable TV Decoder, Modem
-Computer (MieXa), Printer, study lamp
-Iron, battery charger
-Charger (for PSP/MieSYa, Nintendo DS Lite/MieLa, Handphone/(M)ieLa), fan, airbrush

The usage for every set is high (except for iron and battery charger). If I bought a new PC, this will put more load and maybe someday, the breaker will cut off my power supply due to overload.

I have friends that have more than 2 computers. And I wonder about their power management.

-MieA system-
Phase 0: MieA
Phase 1: MieXa
Phase 1.5: Upgrade MieXa to maximum; MieSYa, MieSa, MieLa
Phase 2:MieDa, replace MieSa with (M)iePHa and (M)ieLa, (M)LieXa
Phase next:MieCa, (M)TiePHa [replace (M)iePHa and (M)ieLa], (M)FieXa [replace MieXa]
Phase Final: completion of MieA system with 3 core

2000: Core 1 completion
2003: The Blue Book Completion
2005/6: Phase 0
2006~2010:Phase 1~2
2010~:Phase next
2040:Phase Final

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  1. oooo tu ke mieda...
    pening kpale aku bace.