02 Ogos 2009


Kobe Port Fireworks Show (みなとこうべ海上花火大会)was held yesterday at port of Kobe. I chose Port Island as the place to view this spectacular fireworks show instead of more tradisionally selected Harborland or Meriken Park because of several reasons (less people, free shuttle bus, nice view etc etc).

According to weather reports, there will be rain at the time of the show. Last year, my camera (Powershot) was nearly broken because of rain. Even, Amzar cancelled his plan to join us because of rain (Osaka was raining heavily at that time. The rain in Kobe has stopped. The wind was blowing from the west).

Because this is the first time I went to port Island to watch the fireworks show, I decided to go early (5pm). The shuttle bus was not crowded at all, only half of the seat were occupied. The journey took about 15 minutes before arriving at ポーアイしおさい公園 (po-ai shiosai koen). The place also was not too crowded.

Shuttle bus that transport people to Port Island and its free!

Than we wait for the others to arrive. While I wait for them, I set up my camera to shot some fireworks.

The sun sets....

Kobe Port at night

A few minutes before the fireworks start, my friends and others arrived at the park. And then, the show begin. They don't shout "TAMAYA~" or "KAGIYA~". I guess its because this is Kobe not Edo (err.. I mean Tokyo).

Then, at the middle of the show, we could feel reindrops hitting our heads. Luckily, it was not raining heavily. The stops about 5-6 minutes later.

Next, Yodogawa Osaka.

Traffic jam...

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  1. Kyoto is kyoto, edo is tokyo...bukak balik buku sejarah

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